13 Things Every Professional Should Know In a Digital World

There’s a Lot More, But Start With 13 Big Ones

This tweet by about what students should understand in a digital world caught my attention. Obviously, this is an important list for students, but all business professionals can better assess their “digital IQ” by reviewing this list!


The full article by Terry Heick is here — definitely worth reading the entire list. Thanks Terry!

Sometimes we assume this list is “just known”, but many times I run into times that it is obvious it is not.

That said, here are my favorites highlighted for business professionals!

Information Sources

1 — The best way to find different kinds of information.

2 — How to save information so that it can be easily found and used again.

Learning Pathways

5 — How to self-direct learning.

6 — How to mobilize learning.

Socializing Ideas

15 — That everything digital is accelerated; plan accordingly. And this kind of acceleration doesn’t always happen in the brick-and-mortar world — and that’s okay.

Digital Participation

17 — How to remix, mash, reimagine, tweak, hack, and repurpose media in credible, compelling, and legal ways.

19 — What expertise they can offer the digital world.

Publishing Nuance

24 — How to take advantage of the fact digital text is fluid and endlessly updated and changing.

Applying Technology

26 — How to use the cloud to their advantage; how to preserve bandwidth when necessary.

27 — How to effectively use technology in ways that might contradict the original purpose or design.

Connecting with Experts

41 — Who the experts are.

42 — How — and when — to reach them.

Other Internet Tips

63 — Log-in information, passwords, old email addresses, and other trappings of digital life are a pain. Use password keepers and plan accordingly.

The world is changing and it won’t be slowing down — be aware and start considering these items in how you participate in a digital world and it will make you much more effective!

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