5 Ways #SnapChat Has Made Me a More Effective Professional

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I have been engaged on SnapChat since early 2016 and have noticed, over time, that more of my use is in a professional use case.

Where I have found value in my business workflow? My top 5 business uses of SnapChat are below.

1 — Easier one to one / one to many communication chat tool

With the trend to everything mobile, communication has moved to away from email to messaging platforms (texting, social media, etc.). SnapChat is one of those tools.

As far as client use, it’s a small percentage of professionals that are engaged on SnapChat, but it is increasing. That said, if someone is using it, it’s an easy behavior shift to communicate with them on SnapChat — and they love it!

Communication options — text, phone call, audio recording, video clip, image insertion, etc. are plentiful. It’s very enjoyable to use.

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Communication options — Image, phone call, audio clip, videos, emojis…

2 — Engage Client Teams in a Unique Way

Private group chats are a great way to share and surface ideas, ask questions, etc.

I set these up for any client that is open to having group communication in this fashion. It’s an option — not for everybody, but for those that want it, it works really well!

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Setting up a Group Chat in SnapChat

3 — Provide Unique Value and Differentiate My Services To My Clients

Very few professionals (that I have met anyways…) use SnapChat as a means to engage and build relationships. And it’s perfect for that.

One way I use it is to provide a vehicle to ask quick questions and get timely responses! Not all conversations need to be long, drawn out emails…

This can be accomplished via the Group Chat mentioned above or via one-on-one chat. It’s completely the client preference.

4 — Easy to Get to Know “me” at a More Personal Level

Business is built on relationships — the better I get to know people and they get to know me, it will be beneficial to both of us.

Anyone that follows me can watch my snaps posted to my daily story — and those are certainly not just topics of a professional nature. I have had numerous engagements occur because of my stories and met people via SnapChat that have become real business relationships.

You have to engage and be active, but it pays off in the long run!

5 — Share Professional Knowledge with My Network

I maintain a private “Custom Story” that I allow anyone who is interested to become part of — “Daily Tips & Tricks”. These are short, informal dialogues and how to’s of things I think may interest people.

I have been doing these for over 2 months now and topics are all over the board. It’s informal and not all topics are relevant to everyone, but that’s a little bit of the point! Learn and get exposed to different things!

I leverage these stories into my Medium posts and post on YouTube — I can re-purpose them for several different uses.

Here is a sample of one of my recent posts:

iOS 11 Quick Thoughts — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5QmemCb8BA

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