6 Reasons You Want to use Instapaper

InstaPaper is a popular “read-later” service. But it’s capable of much more! Here are 6 reasons you may want to use it.

1 — Gets rid of article clutter

Typically, when you read content in Safari, you have to read around the ads and work to avoid popup windows. It’s just a hassle — and enough of a headache that I won’t do it.

Thankfully, saving the article to Instapaper eliminates all that! Two simple taps…

2 — Save full-text articles to Evernote

Certain articles I like to save for future use. I will share to Evernote where it essentially becomes permanently available.

3 — Highlight and use segments of text

Quotes, tips, etc. appear in articles I sometimes like to use for different purposes.

One frequent use is to save a text shot as an image to my camera roll.

4 — Create article playlist and playlist is read aloud.

This is one of my favorite features, especially when I am in the car.

The selected group of articles effectively becomes an audio book.

5 — Search capabilities are robust!

With Instapaper, you can quickly accumulate a large collection of content. No problem — search away!

6 — Use automation tools to go farther!

I use IFTTT (“If This, Then That”) together with Instapaper to automate tasks I can to simplify my process.

There you have it. Instapaper is not just a “read-later” service!

How do you use Instapaper?

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