We All Print Spreadsheets — Here’s How To Automate Some of those Tedious Steps

Excel Page Setup — Set Landscape / Fit to Page


You know the drill…

Create your spreadsheet, then go through the process to set it up for printing (either hardcopy or digital). Over and over and over…

Fortunately, these steps can be easily automated and done with a keyboard shortcut or button click!

Imagine the time these simple automation steps…

Use Excel for Financial Reporting? You want to know this!

Percentage Variance Calculations Using LET, IFERROR, and IFS Functions

Variance Calculation and Development

I recently developed a client’s financial management reporting package and implemented the LET function to simplify the formula development.

The best way to understand these new functions (LET is in MS 365 version of Excel only), is to see them used in real world business situations!

In the variance calculations…

We All Need to Do It (But, Generally Don’t)

FileDateCorrector — Must Have Utility for Cleaning Files

The Problem

When was the last time you cleaned up your PC or network drive of folders and files on your computer? Probably never, if you are like most professionals I know.

Why? It’s not easy.

Let’s change that!

Solving the Problem

I’m coordinating a data cleanup project with a client and the effort involves…

Part 2 — Building Basic Data Analysis with Excel Power Tools

Date Dimension Table Query — Viewed in PowerQuery Editor


Continuing from Part 1 — Use #PowerQuery to IMPORT .csv formatted data from the web”

Once I have extracted data (a list of failed banking institutions), it needs to be transformed in order to simplify analysis.

In this case, a table of date dimensions would prove very useful. …

Use of the INDIRECT and SEARCH functions can turbocharge your Conditional formatting in Excel!

SEARCH function to highlight rows based on variable


Conditional formatting is a great way to highlight items for the spreadsheet user. But, setting the conditions up can be tricky.

It’s even more confusing when you introduce variables into the formatting (so that user can define what to format).

But, persevere and the payoff is significant!

Two of my…

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