Advice For 2018 Graduates…

7 Top Tips from Gleaning Other’s Advice!

Alex Tomoff — 2018 Graduate — Penn State University — Beaver Stadium (Photo Credit: Kristin Tomoff)

“Whatever success I’ve had in life has had more to do with my knowing how to deal with my not knowing, rather than what I know,” Dalio told CNBC Make It while speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January.

People with These 3 Skills Will Be Successful

1 — Open-mindedness

Seek out and learn from differing opinions.

2 — Tech-friendliness

In today’s world, this is simply a must! Stay current, stay relevant and anticipate where trends are heading — diligently and consistently. Do not listen to the “noise” of others telling you it won’t matter, etc.

10 Essential Career Lessons to Embrace Before It’s Too Late

This article by Bernard Marr is excellent!

2 — Social networks matter

Professionally, it starts with LinkedIn. In person and on-line — spend time on your social networks!

“Build relationships, add value, gain trust”

I read this recently and believe it is a framework that will never fail you. If commit to this and are consistent, it will pay life long dividends!

3 — Sacrificing your health for success or wealth isn’t worth it


5 — Never stop learning

7 — You can go fast alone, but you can go farther together

9 — Failure is not an end

Embrace failure!

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