Collaboration: Getting Started with Slack

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Collaboration tools are hot right now. And I am a big Slack fan!

Facebook recently announced Workplace — “Facebook launches Workplace — its attempt at a ‘Slack for Enterprises’” and Microsoft just announced they will be releasing Microsoft for Teams — “Microsoft To Launch Microsoft Teams And Take On Slack”.

Everyone is targeting Slack. Why? Because it is the most well known — being used by thousands of companies and currently valued at near $3 billion.

Email is a mainstay for company collaboration — internal and external. It’s not an efficient collaboration tool. Excerpts from the articles above tell it all:

“Facebook launches Workplace — its attempt at a ‘Slack for Enterprises’”

The idea is to streamline companies’ intranets and reduce the need to rely on multiple mediums for internal communication.

Facebook has been testing Workplace with more than 1,000 companies worldwide for over a year now, and the launch of the service sees it incorporating feedback from those who’ve had early access to it.

“Microsoft To Launch Microsoft Teams And Take On Slack”

The world of business and collaboration is evolving. Companies need to focus on efficiency and productivity, but increasingly they also need to focus on employee satisfaction, corporate culture, and access to new technology in an effort to attract and retain the best employees.

Workplace tools and collaboration platforms are rising trends.

YouTube — “So Yeah, We Tried Slack…” (02:20) —
YouTube — “What is Slack?” (02:36) —

If you made it this far and are thinking “maybe I should consider this, but I don’t get it..”, watch the following video clip.

YouTube — “Getting Your Team on Slack” (02:22) —

One more — it’s a little long, but stick with it — there are several great insights that are worth being aware of (Here’s one — “the inbox is no longer a productive tool…”).

YouTube — “How To Use Slack for Business” (06:18) —

Ok, get started!

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Don Tomoff is a “recovering CPA”, who is passionate about helping professionals and organizations keep up and adapt to the changing business world that we operate in.

One lesson learned over the years is that all of us, regardless of organization type or size, struggle with similar issues — primarily information management and presentation, and effective use of our time. Let’s change that…one person at a time!

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