Crushing Productivity — Why I Love X1Search!

Or,” Seriously, I Would Stop Working If I Lost This Tool”

This is a real life search scenario I am compelled to share, but first some background.


Searching for content on your computer, network, external drive, etc. is a productivity killer in every organization I have been with or worked with.

Frankly, it’s hard to believe that it still goes on. As a colleague told me a few years ago —

“it’s not like this problem hasn’t been solved”.

Many of us still dutifully put content into folders — in an effort to stay “organized”. It doesn’t work. There is simply too much volume and too many different people putting content in different places (where “they” will remember it).

I still use folders, but I don’t have to rely on folders — that is a HUGE leap to make. X1Search, for me, makes that possible.

So, as I often ask other professionals…

“Do you care what folder a file is in when you search Google? Why should searching my desktop be any different?”

Here’s what X1 states on their website:

“Find Any Document or Email in Under a Second

X1 Search provides users the fastest, simplest way to find and work with the exact information they need and thought they’d never find again. By providing the fastest access to their documents and email, X1 Search unlocks the potential for people to leverage years of experience with just a few keystrokes, dramatically improve productivity, and function at their highest level.”

I might debate “under a second”, but “…the fastest, simplest way to find and work with the exact information they need…” is absolutely true.

I know — I have been using X1Search since 2003. I’m continually stunned by how few professionals use it (or have heard of it).

So, Here’s The Story…

I’m working on pulling together information for my 2016 tax returns (yep, I am on extension).

I remember I downloaded a file of transactions for my business account, but it’s not in my “2016 Taxes” folder on my desktop (big surprise there…). :-)

Over to X1 Search:

Image for post
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X1Search Desktop View — Over 317,000 items in Index

Ok, what do I know? I am guessing it has “UBS” in the file name AND I know it is an Excel file.

Image for post
Image for post
X1Search Desktop View — Search applied (27 items)

It filters from 317,000 to 27 items — and there’s my file. Additionally, the search is instantaneous (really, it is) — this is not Windows search functionality!

Finally, with a simple right-click of the file, I can do whatever I need with the file. In this case, open it to work in it.

Image for post
Image for post
X1Search Desktop View — Right-click mouse for flexible file working options

BTW, this Excel file is in my “Downloads” directory.

But I don’t care where it is… but I did have to share this story!

If you want to see an overview of X1Search, here is a brief YouTube video.

X1 Search Overview —
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