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I create and share a lot of content in “magazines” using Flipboard (just search for “Don Tomoff”), a news aggregation app for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.). It struck me that it was an awfully convenient way to curate websites, articles and videos on any topic of interest that I might have.

I then realized that more and more businesses were popping up with magazines and I did some cursory research and found the following:

Could Flipboard drive the future of legal publishing?” Kevin O’Keefe blog, 12/16/11

Flipboard: 3 million new users since launch of personalized magazines” Kevin O’Keefe blog, 4/13/13

Establish your expertise by creating your own Flipboard magazine” Kevin O’Keefe, 6/22/13

Flipboard For Business Professionals and Job Seekers” Inside Flipboard, 6/19/13

For anyone that is interested in sharing information — with friends, colleagues, clients, etc. — I highly recommended reading these articles. It will help you assess whether this is something you want to use, either personally or with your organization. My bet is you WILL, once you feel the potential of this tool.

A few points made that I thought were particularly impactful are included below:

“Each of us essentially became a magazine editor with the power to pull individual sources, subjects, and stories into one magazine available to others.”

“People’s reading habits have changed. We’re moving away from going to one site, one blog, one newspaper, or one magazine. We’re reading content from multiple sources in one place where the content is aggregated.”

Promote your company, product or event: A magazine can tell the story of your company, a new product’s journey to market, and much more.”

“Keep up with business news, trends and insights: Flipboard is partnered with many of the preeminent names in business journalism.”

“So what if your audience isn’t used to following “magazines’ on Flipboard. They can do so with the tap of a finger. Everyone in your target audience has a smart phone or iPad. And you’ll be seen as one of the more innovative lawyers around.”

“Publishing a law blog and establishing the goal of getting traffic to the blog and your website, above all else, is misguided.”

Here are examples of two magazines that I published and maintain:

Evernote Use For Executives by Don Tomoff http://flip.it/74JLY

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Excel For Accounting & Finance by Don Tomoff http://flip.it/g484A

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