Forget Digital Transformation!

Instead, Think Digital Business Optimization

Transformation or Optimization?

What’s The Difference?

Digital Transformation

“In a nutshell, we reserve digital business transformation for companies pursuing net new revenue streams, products and services and business models,” says LeHong. This can include the creation of new digital business units or digital acquisitions. Sometimes the new business models can lead to ventures in adjacent markets or new industries.

Digital Business Optimization

GE is among the 10 percent of companies Gartner has surveyed that is actually doing this form of transformation. The other 90 percent are conducting various forms of “digital business optimization.” It entails using digital tools to “supercharge” productivity, bolster generation of existing revenue streams and boost customer experience. According to the Gartner 2017 CEO survey, 42 percent of respondents plan to use digital to optimize rather than transform their business.

Let’s Start with Digital Business Optimization!

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