Google Suite — Create a list of Folders and Files in your Google Drive account 😃

Google Sheets Folders / Files List in Google Drive Folder


I had no idea this was possible until this weekend…but a little research goes a long way!

Using Google App Script, it’s easy to create a one-click ribbon item in #googlesheets that creates a list of contents contained in a #googledrive folder of your choice.

And the generated list even includes a clickable hyperlink directly to the access the Folder 📂 or File! 🔥

Slide deck cover page
Why is this useful?
Google Sheets data extracted

Here’s How

To implement this, you don’t even have to understand the Google Scripting language — just follow the instructions in the document below and paste in the script language.

Is this capability something you would find useful?

Check out the step-by-step instructions below and let me know! 🤞 Good luck!

How To Slide Deck — Good Luck!

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