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I am an avid user of Google Forms, using this capability for personal, as well as professional use with clients. I recently watched an introductory overview of Google Forms 2016 by DottoTech on YouTube which was very well done!

I thought it would be useful to others to share this and highlight just a few ways I have used it to be more productive (and solve some problems in a unique way!).

Dottotech — Google Forms Refresh Overview —

1 — A learning resource

Introduction to Excel Tutorial — Google Form

2 — Skills Assessment

I provide Excel training to organizations. Part of the process in developing the focus of the training sessions is to assess where the opportunity for improvement is for the group.

Check out the skills assessment questionnaire here

I distribute the form — easily usable on any platform and the participants complete it.

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Once the results are received, it is a fairly simple process to bring the results from the Google spreadsheet (where the responses are accumulated) to Microsoft Excel. From there, I create a visual dashboard that demonstrates the group summary level responses. As seen below, in this case, there is opportunity to improve in certain areas of Excel (and this is a good thing!).

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Microsoft Excel generated dashboard of Assessment survey results

3 — Company Interview Candidate Rating Form

This form was prepared for a client that was interviewing candidates for several positions. Each interviewer completed the form and the total input was reviewed in the evaluation process.

This eliminated some of the disparity that typically exists when job candidates are not rated consistently by everyone. The compilation of the results served as an excellent discussion document when the final candidate assessments were being performed.

Check out the candidate assessment form here

4 — Awareness Form

This was a basic form, with one question, that I put together to determine familiarity of folks with the Flipboard news aggregation service and app.

Complete this survey —tap image or tap link here!

I hope this gives you a few ideas to get started! It does not take long to become adept at leveraging forms in your workflow!

How have you applied Google Forms? Let me know if the comments section!

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Don Tomoff is a “recovering CPA”, who is passionate about helping organizations adapt to the changing business world that we operate in.

One lesson learned over the years is that all of us, regardless of organization type or size, struggle with similar issues — primarily information management and presentation, and effective use of our time. Let’s change that…one person at a time!

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