iOS & Google Photos: Getting Creative With Google Assistant

Start With Google Assistant & Create Custom Video Slideshows

Introduction to Google Assistant

  • Choose the “Father”, and
  • Choose the “Children”
Google Photos — Father’s Day Video — Default version

My Steps to Create A More Robust Video

  • Generate multiple videos (to “stitch” together a little later),
  • Download the created videos to the device (iPhone or iPad) Camera Roll,
  • Edit the videos using the iMovie app on my iPad, and
  • Export video from iMovie to my Camera Roll

Generate Multiple Videos

  • My 2 children — only.
  • My 2 children and my wife (picked as Children — doesn’t matter).
  • My daughter and my wife.
  • My son and my wife.
  • My son only
  • My daughter only

Download the Videos to your iOS Device

  • In Google Photos — “Save” the Video (into Google Photos)
Google Photos App — Tap Save Created Video
  • Once it is Saved, the description will change to “View”
Google Photos — Video Saved, Turns to View Option
  • Now, download the video to your iPhone Camera Roll
Google Photo App — Access Download Option
Google Photos App — Tap Download
Google Photos App — Video Downloading to Camera Roll
  • REPEAT this process until you have all of your generated videos saved to the iPhone Camera Roll.

Edit the Videos Using iMovie

1 — Load the Video Clips Into iMovie

  • Open the iMovie app (I will show this on my iPad, but the iPhone works the same way).
iMovie — Open App
  • Select the “Video” Media option and choose your videos to import into iMovie.
iMovie — Select Video / All Videos on Camera Roll will appear
iMovie — Tap to select the video and tap check mark to add to Video compilation
iMovie — Once all videos are selected, tap “Create Movie”

2 — Detach the Default Audio Included in Each Video Clip

  • Once videos are loaded, it’s time to edit — very quickly! Detach the audio clip (it will be replaced shortly) and remove the “Google Photos” clip at the end of each video (we want these to flow seamlessly together!).
iMovie — Select the video clip and “Detach Audio” from each video that was imported.
iMovie — Drag audio clip off of “work zone” and it is deleted.
iMovie — Repeat Delete audio step for each video clip

3 — Clip and Delete Google’s Default Trailer

  • Next, we want to delete the default “trailer” that Google provides on each video it creates. This will enable the slideshow to flow seamlessly.
iMovie — Delete the Google Assistant default trailer
iMovie — Select video, position marker and then Split video
iMovie — Delete Split clip by selecting and dragging it out of the work zone.

4 — Add Your Own Song to the the Slideshow

  • You will likely want to add your own music, so we do that next.
iMovie — Select Audio tab
iMovie — Pick a song you own! Streamed songs are not available for use.
iMovie — Tap “USE” to use a song in your slideshow
iMovie — song is added to your slideshow
  • Now you are done and we will export the video to your device Camera Roll

Export video to your Device Camera Roll

  • Last item — save the video to your Camera Roll and you are ready to share!
iMovie — From the Main Screen, select the Share iCon to Export Your Video
iMovie — Select “Save Video”
iMovie — Select Your Compression and the Video will Export to your Camera Roll

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It’s time for DIFFERENT— On a mission to challenge the status quo to a more productive and effective end… #digital #Excel #data #analytics