iPhone 📲 user? Take advantage of the “Back-Tap” settings

Every little time-saver helps…and this is a good one!

Don Tomoff
2 min readFeb 28, 2021
Accessibility >> Touch Settings

With the introduction of iOS 14, Apple introduced a new accessibility feature. You can enable certain actions to occur when you double-tap or triple-tap the back of the iPhone. 😳🔥

I had not activated this option since I use a case on my phone. This makes no difference (thanks for the heads up Jonathan Mattson ).

Here’s how it’s done:

👉 Open Settings >> Accessibility >> Touch

👉 Scroll to the bottom and activate Back-Tap to On (the default setting is Off)

👉 Choose Double Tap and select an action (there are many choices — choose the action that you do most frequently)

👉 Optional — Choose Triple Tap and select another action. That’s it. 👏👏

Then practice your tapping. In 30 seconds you will have a new way of doing 2 actions!

What did I choose?

  • Double Tap >> App Switcher
  • Triple Tap >> activate my “Keep Me On Task” iOS shortcut command.

Let me know your choices in the comments below. 👇 Are you going to use the Back Tap feature?

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