Microsoft Excel — Step 1, Set Up Your Quick Access Toolbar

Everything You Want to Know (And More) About the QAT

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Excel’s QAT Toolbar — Default Setup

I have found myself having this discussion a lot recently as I present on the topic of effective use of Excel. It seems intuitive that we would take the effort to streamline steps, but few actually do.

If you are a user of Excel, you WILL benefit from setting up and using your Quick Access Toolbar!

Here’s everything you need to know — from basic to more advanced topics!

The Basics of the QAT

My previous post — “Microsoft Excel — The Basics of the “QAT”” covers getting started.

  • Placement of the QAT Toolbar
  • Adding frequent tasks to the Toolbar
  • Going a little deeper…

The following YouTube video from the ExcelIsFun Channel also provides an excellent introduction.

ExcelIsFun — Customize the QAT —

Adding Custom Items to Your QAT

As you get more comfortable defaulting to your toolbar and NOT using the Ribbon commands, you will likely want to get a more advanced in the capabilities that you have access too.

Adding items from your QAT from your Personal Macro Workbook or custom add-ins that you have installed can super charge your productivity.

My Medium post “Microsoft Excel — Productivity with Add-In’s and the Quick Access Toolbar” takes you step by step to installing a custom add-in that I developed (request download here) and setting up shortcuts on the QAT for quick access.

You can also set up macros in a Personal Macro Workbook that can be added to the QAT.

When you record a macro, select “Personal Macro Workbook” as the destination.

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Personal Macro Workbook to Store Macro

Once you do this, any macro in this workbook will be accessible from any workbook you are in.*

*Your Personal Macro Workbook is a hidden workbook that opens anytime you open Excel, and it runs in the background.

If you are interested in learning more about the Personal Macro Workbook, I cover it (on page 8) in a presentation you can download here.

If you have not yet started taking advantage of the Quick Access Toolbar, start now!

Good luck and I hope this gives you a good start!

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