Mobile — iOS Basics #3 (Web Browsing)

Use Your Favorites Bar & Bookmarks to Save Time!

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This is the third in a series of posts for iOS users (iPhone and iPad). Just some of the basics that will make your experience with your Apple devices easier and simpler!

The majority of time on the Internet is via mobile devices…that means Apps and Web Browsing.

In 2014, internet access via mobile moved past desktop access — here is an interesting look at one stat:

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This was 2014 — imagine what it is today…

So how does the time spent on mobile break down? Check out this chart — Apps is where it’s at!

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Since we are using mobile much more, a few minutes setting up Safari to make your web browsing easier will save you a TON of time in the long run!

This post covers:

  • #5 — Activate Safari Favorites Bar (iPad only)
  • #6 — Create a Folder in Safari Favorites (iPhone & iPad)
  • #7 — Save Safari Bookmarks into Folders (iPhone & iPad)

#5 — Activate Safari Favorites Bar (iPad)

Easy access to your iPad bookmarks saved in the Favorites tab. Just. Do. It.

Activate Safari Favorites Bar —

#6 — Create a Folder in Safari Favorites (iPhone & iPad)

Create a folder to group multiple bookmarks right on the Favorites tab. This will give you much more flexibility to access bookmarks right from the Favorites bar!

Create a Folder on the Favorites Bar —

#7— Save Safari Bookmarks into Folders (iPhone & iPad)

Next step is to save your bookmarks into the folder you set up. Make it easy to access your favorite content and Safari mobile will become your go-to web browser!

Save Safari Bookmarks into Folders —

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