Mobility: iOS in the Workplace? Oh Yeah!

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On September 28, 2016 Deloitte and Apple announced an alliance (press release) where Deloitte’s advisory group will work with Apple to integrate and develop iOS applications for the enterprise.

Although organizations have been realizing the benefit of mobile solutions with the Apple ecosystem since 2010 (since the introduction of the iPad), this is a major step as another major consulting firm (IBM and SAP already have Apple relationships). Deloitte is making a major commitment to helping organizations move rapidly to effective integration of iOS across the enterprise.

“Apple and Deloitte are joining forces to help employees work the way they live in a mobile world. Sharing information. Accelerating ideas. Connecting people, inventory, supply chains and customers, using the iOS devices they know and love. The leader in mobile experiences and the leader in enterprise digital transformation — coming together to reimagine the way we work.” —

I have personally felt the potential of the iPhone and iPad mobile use in business — it has changed the way I work. I have also been fortunate to work with a number of organizations since 2011, educating organization executives and employees, developing workflows and integrating devices.

I am looking forward to seeing how this develops — I am an advocate of digital and mobile workflows! There is tremendous opportunity to enhance productivity. Let’s. Go.

Here are samples of conferences & training presentations I have given around these topics. Wow, what a flashback!

First “iPad for Business” presentation — June 2010 (Download link)

Discussion outline:

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Executive Summary — Presentation Outline

Presentation at the IMA National Conference (New Orleans, LA — June 2013)

IMA National Conf — “Mobility and Digital Disruption — Best Practices for Productivity” (Download Link)

Presentation Overview:

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Presentation — Session Objectives

Discussion document / outline for various discussions with organizations prior to proceeding with an iPad roll-out (understand opportunities!).

Mobile Concepts for Business — iPad Session Discussion Document (Download Link)

Discussion Topics:

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Mobile Concepts for Business — iPad Session Outline
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Don Tomoff is a “recovering CPA”, who is passionate about helping organizations adapt to the changing business world that we operate in.

One lesson learned over the years is that all of us, regardless of organization type or size, struggle with similar issues — primarily information management and presentation, and effective use of our time. Let’s change that…one person at a time!

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