Notes Plus and Notability — iPad Backups and Export Tips

ITunes App Store comments

Notability — “ Do not even think about looking elsewhere for a note application program. Very IMPRESSED with their tech support. I’ve been using this app for years.”

Notes Plus — “ Notes Plus is a powerful note-taking tool that has enabled many people to go completely paperless. Be one of them!”

Notes Plus and Notability — iPad Backups and Export Tips

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Notes Plus (app store link) and Notability (app store link) are two of my favorite note taking apps on the iPad. Notes Plus is more robust and full-featured, but also has more of a learning curve. Notabilty, while not as robust, is much easier to pick up and get started.

Review of both apps, in case you’re inclined to investigate!

Once you are taking your notes on the iPad, backing up the notes and exporting notes are something you will want (actually, NEED) to do. Both apps enable backup of all notes to DropBox and other cloud storage services (in the case of Notability) — this should be set immediately. You can also EXPORT specific notes one at a time, which you will want to do for various reasons as you use these apps.

Below, I describe my preferred approach, which is to BACKUP to DropBox and EXPORT individual notes (selectively) to the Evernote cloud service.



Notes Plus backs up the notes in the native Notes Plus format.

From the main screen, select “Auto Backup”

Next, tap “Start” to select DropBox backup (you need an account and have the DropBox app installed on your device).

Tap “Allow” to approve Notes Plus access to DropBox

The BACKUP will start automatically. Tap “Stop” if you need to stop it — otherwise let it run and complete the Backup.


Notability provides options beyond the native document format. I use the PDF format.

Open Notability to the main screen. Tap the “Gear” icon to access settings.

In Settings, select “Auto-backup” and then choose the cloud service you want to use. In this case, I chose Dropbox.

Adjust the Cloud settings to your preference. You can change the location the backup is saved to, the file format (I chose PDF) and what you want backed up.

The file format choices, FYI, are as follows:


Notes can be easily exported in a variety of formats. This is useful if you want to share individual notes with others.


Within an individual note, tap the “wrench” icon (or 2 icons to the left — “share” icon).

Select “Export” and then set the “Destination” and “File Type”. In the example below, I want to Export to Evernote in a PDF format.

Tap the “Export” button once you are set and you are done!


Within an individual note, tap the “Share” icon. Various share (export) options exist (unfortunately, a direct export to Evernote is not one of them). To export a note to Evernote, I recommend emailing it to your Evernote account (you need to have your Evernote email address in your contacts to make it easy — if you aren’t aware of what this is, you can learn about it here).

This post explained the backup and individual note export process for Notes Plus and Notability. Obviously, there are many more note taking apps available. However, the process is similar. Make certain you are backing up and understand how to easily share notes — it will make your digital life a lot easier!

Happy note taking!

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