On Our Radar…Monday, April 17, 2017

10 Items — That’s It — from the Twitter World

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Thinking About Change

#1 — Simplification is the key to change

How Simplification is the Key to change — https://youtu.be/Qm172DbaSbc

#2 — “Tool adoption was not the real problem to solve.”

What is the benefit of providing better tools to employees? A first answer is that it helps increase employee productivity. While this is true and part of the answer, it is much too narrow. The broader answer is that giving employees great tools is an excellent way to concretely affect positive culture change.



#3 — Robots can build homes now…


#4— And make burgers…


#5 — Watch robots in action in this Amazon warehouse


Digital Transformation

#6 — Capgemini Online assessment to rate your digital capabilities

#7 — Closing the digital skills gap (CapGemini Whitepaper PDF)


#8 — Projected economic growth of the Internet of Things (#IoT)


#9 — Watch out for “traditional thinking”!

“Too many businesses believe that their digital business strategy is actually a roadmap, or a series of IT projects. Being digital is a capability — in your business it impacts the culture, metrics, organization, skills, and finally — the technology.”



#10— Analysis of Venture Funding (KPMG PDF Whitepaper)

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“On a mission to challenge the status quo to a more productive and effective end…”

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