On Our Radar…Monday, May 22, 2017 (#Innovation)

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About “On Our Radar”

1 — This is How Your Business Will Be Disrupted

Business Disrupted — https://twitter.com/Digitaltonto/status/866646404567109632

2 — 4 Innovation Lessons From Charles Darwin

Innovation Lessons — https://twitter.com/Digitaltonto/status/866651493457416194

3 — Truly Great Innovators Do These 4 Things

Great innovators — https://twitter.com/Digitaltonto/status/866642950725529600

4 — Don’t Look For A Great Idea, Look For A Good Problem

Look for a Good Problem — https://twitter.com/Digitaltonto/status/866685942748385282

5 — We Need To Educate Kids For The Future, Not The Past.

Educate Kids for the Future — https://twitter.com/Digitaltonto/status/866679452616544256

6 — Mapping Innovation (the book!)

Amazon — Mapping Innovationhttps://twitter.com/Digitaltonto/status/866447470578028544

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