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10 Items on #DigitalTransformation

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A weekly compilation of 10 tweets that got our attention — change is constant. Let’s try to keep up! Content curated by Don Tomoff, founder of Invenio Advisors, LLC and Bill Tomoff, CFO of InstallNET International.

About “On Our Radar”

This post is about our changing world.

We know it, we hear it, but it’s hard to keep track of the flood of information and actually DO anything about the change we are being inundated with.

So, how can we move forward? START. Follow these posts and start with awareness — then ask yourself “how does this pertain to me?” Pay attention and get educated. We hope this helps!

“Either you take it seriously and start educating yourself, or you don’t. That’s the game.” — Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk, Meritocracy — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj8F7jM9SZ4

About Digital Transformation?

1 — Cisco Report

“In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to digitally transform. What does that entail? A digital-ready infrastructure.” — Cisco whitepaper

Top benefits of Digital Transformation — https://twitter.com/ciscodigital/status/857733856618848256

2 — Roadmap for Initiating the Digital Transformation Journey

“How should organizations actually go about digital transformation? This is now the question that is top of mind in a large number of enterprises today, as speeding up adaptation to rapidly evolving digital markets is now not just a requirement to grow today, but increasingly to survive.”

Initiating the Digital Transformation Journey — https://twitter.com/nigewillson/status/860821451070476288

3 — Digital ROI? And Framework to Consider

“The age of digital disruption is here, and no company is immune. Leaders who believe their companies can afford to be cautious in their digitization overhaul should think again.”

What’s Your Digital ROI? — https://twitter.com/guzmand/status/860823101449351168

Framework referenced:

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“The Digital ROI Framework”

4 — Six Stages of Digital Transformation

6 Stages of Successful Digital Transformation — https://twitter.com/ipfconline1/status/857723634244358145

Trends in Digital Transformation

5 — Sophistication in Digital Marketing (but it’s NOT just Marketing…)

Digital Transformation Changing Marketing — https://twitter.com/sarahetodd/status/861120857766232067

6 — Big Data and Internet of Things (“IofT”) and Digital Transformation

“To be digitally transformative, it’s imperative to know how to leverage technology. However, like drilling down for hydrocarbons, if you don’t know where to focus your bet, you’re going to lose.”

Double Down on Digital Transformation — https://twitter.com/tamaramccleary/status/861058760789413890

7 — Tech Trends that will Impact Your Business…Soon

Trends that will Impact your Business — https://twitter.com/ipfconline1/status/858931580357791750

8— Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare

“It’s predicted that the digital revolution can save $300 billion in spending in the sector, especially in the area of chronic diseases. Clearly there is value — human and financial — in bringing new technology to the health care market. The following are just a few ways how.”

5 Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare — https://twitter.com/daverubal/status/857748473134931970

9— Digital Transformation and #AI-as-a-service

“ Digital Transformation has by now made its way into nearly all industries. It isn’t just about tech companies, or sales channels, or a little more cost savings on the margins; it’s also about creating new products and services, new production methods, and new ways of collaborating with customers and suppliers.”

Essential 8 Techologies; #AI-as-a-service — https://twitter.com/MikeQuindazzi/status/857732110341345282

10— What Does Digital Transformation mean for your Business?

“ There is a real and distinct shift in the way business leaders now think about technologies and the relevance to their industry vertical. In other words, they are asking themselves “is my industry exposed to a Taxi — Uber-style of threat?” and so we have nervous business managers not wanting to be the next victim, leading to Digital Transformation projects popping up en-mass.”

What Does Digital Transformation Really Mean for your Business — https://twitter.com/starboardit/status/857730845427105792
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