On Our Radar…The Basics of #Blockchain

Still Trying to Understand This? Join the Party!

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Image credit: https://www.smartdatacollective.com/ultimate-beginners-guide-blockchain

About “On Our Radar”

Content curated by Don Tomoff, founder of Invenio Advisors, LLC and Bill Tomoff, CFO of InstallNET International.

These posts are about our changing world.

We know it, we hear it, but it’s hard to keep track of the flood of information and actually DO anything about the change we are being inundated with.

So, how can we move forward? START. Follow these posts and start with awareness — then ask yourself “how does this pertain to me?” Pay attention and get educated. We hope this helps!

A Few Useful Infographics

1 — The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Blockchain

Tweet — https://twitter.com/baulinskis/status/919920087057887233
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“WTF is Blockchain” — https://www.smartdatacollective.com/ultimate-beginners-guide-blockchain

2— What Is Blockchain?

Tweet — https://twitter.com/meisshaily/status/919813918314262528
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Credit: pwc.com, image from Tweet

3 — What Are Some Blockchain Use Cases?

Tweet — https://twitter.com/Nicolas2Pinto/status/919831771310673920
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Image from Tweet

Granted, this is just getting started…but we hope it helps!

About the Authors

About Bill

Bill Tomoff, is the CFO of InstallNET International.

Beside being a CFO, Bill is passionate about personal and professional growth and helping others succeed!

LinkedIn profile, billtomoff.com

About Don

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“It’s time for different”

Don is passionate about helping professionals and organizations keep up and adapt to the changing business world that we operate in.

Connect with Don!

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It’s time for DIFFERENT— On a mission to challenge the status quo to a more productive and effective end… #digital #Excel #data #analytics

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