Seamless! Box >> Office 365 Integration

Much Better Than I Expected!

I use both Box and Office 365 for work. I also use OneDrive, but find that a little cumbersome at times.

I store client files, presentations, etc. in Box and share them frequently. I also access them on my mobile devices to use when I am out of the office.

I recently wanted to make a change to a PowerPoint presentation that I am working on and decided to grab it out of Box and try the Box >> Office 365 integration.


Here it is…in 4 steps!

1 — View the PowerPoint file in the Box app

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  • Tap file to view in the Box app.

2 — Send The File to the PowerPoint App

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  • Tap the share icon and tap “Open in Microsoft PowerPoint

3 — Make Change(s) and Close The PowerPoint File

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  • In this case, I inserted a new slide, added an image and closed the presentation.
  • Then, close the file and it goes back to Box.

4 — Return to Box and Make Sure File is Updated

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  • Date has changed — file is updated in Box!

Wow. That is as easy as it looks!

I won’t be messing with OneDrive too much going forward now that I have tried this.

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