Search Saves The Day…Again (Windows Search Part 3)

Another Example of Why Desktop Search Tools Rock!

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I need this document (or a version of) for an upcoming client discussion…


I am going to demonstrate why my Desktop Search tool has become so indispensable to me.

Here is what I DON’T KNOW:

  • The NAME of the file.
  • The FOLDER location of the file.
  • The DATE I created the file.

The beauty is I don’t care! Here is how I found what I needed in 5 seconds.

The Search Process

3 simple steps:

Step 1 — Open the Search Software (“Ctrl + Alt + X” for me)

The initial view, for demonstration purposes, is everything that the search tool has indexed — 602,000 items.

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Intial view showing 602,000 Indexed Items

Step 2 — Select My PDF “Saved Search” to View Only PDF Documents

I know the document is a PDF, so I quickly narrow on that — I’m down to 42,000+ documents.

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Filtered view of PDF documents — 42,000+ PDF’s

Step 3 — Search for Text IN THE DOCUMENT to narrow to final list

Using the Search Bar located at the top, I enter the term “iPhone / iPad Training Resource”. The search program searches everything for that text string (btw, it happens instantly!).

This results in 6 documents. I select the one I need and I am done.

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List narrowed to 6 Documents — Select and Double-Click to Open


Start to finish — 5 seconds.

Here is what I now know:

  • The DATE of the document (February 2016)
  • The NAME of the document — I can now see the name.

I still do not know, or need to know, the FOLDER location of the PDF. If I want to go to the Folder though, I right-click the file and select “Open Folder”.

Given that this kind of search capability exists, why would anyone willingly tolerate the Windows Search tools?

I can only conclude it is because they simply don’t believe what I have demonstrated above. Believe it!

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