Simplicity is the New Everyday Low Price (“EDLP”)

Simple Is Difficult (But Why?)

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

This is a joint post by Don and Bill Tomoff

Recently, we were discussing two posts we saw on social media and, although not targeted at broader business professionals, per se, they are directly relevant and applicable to any business person.

John and Ted are two top social media and marketing influencers. The perspective and expertise they bring is fantastic for keeping a “pulse” on what is happening in retail and the social media / marketing landscape.

Ted Rubin recently posted on LinkedIn about an experience he had with 1–

“The experience was painful… and the aftermath, 18F FB Messaging me multiple times even though I never opted in for it and didn’t log in via FB. Then being told “I” had to take my time to find and opt out of the messaging.

I’m hardly a financial wizard, but I’d be shorting 1800Flowers stock. IMHO won’t be long before Amazon moves in and does it right.”


Do your customers (internal and external) experience “pain” when they work with you?

Expectations have changed and “customer experience” is everything. As the image above states “simplicity is the new EDLR”.

Understanding expectation changes have occurred, how have you SIMPLIFIED the customer experience in your professional world?

Chances are very little has changed. “I’m too busy getting work done to think about that…” Is that your organization’s or your approach to your job? If so, trouble is coming!

Remember, the “customer experience” is INTERNAL and external!

“What can I change?”

With everything you do, here are three questions to consider:

  • Is this necessary and can it be simpler?
  • What can be done to make the experience “on the other end” memorable (or at the very least, not painful)? Will this interaction be remembered as a favorable experience?
  • Do I understand what is happening around me? What is the pain that others experience with our process?

“What Startups Really Sell”

A recent LinkedIn post by Gary Vaynerchuk was insightful, and although he references startups, consider ANY business or professional executing their day to day processes.

“What do they sell? TIME!”

“In a marketplace of distraction, the companies, products and services that can save you TIME, are going to win. That is why Amazon is a market leader. That is why Prime Now wins. They have simplified the process of buying and selling. They have saved you enormous amounts of time.

It’s literally universal. AI and machine learning which is the big buzz word of the moment, is an important technology because it saves you time. It can learn and automate processes which would have taken much longer.”

How do they sell “Time”? With reduced complexity, convenience (there it is again), simplicity and speed.

“Convenience is king. If you can simplify a current market, product or experience, you have a real opportunity to provide value to the end consumer.

No one wants complexity layered upon their daily life. No one cares about specifications and numbers and horsepower anymore. People literally want cars to drive themselves!! They want freedom and simplicity and SPEED.”

The question then, is what can you do to:

  • Enhance convenience?
  • Reduce complexity?
  • Make the experience as simple and fast as possible?

Think about this and start to make the moves in your organization and professional world!

Seemingly inconsequential individual changes DO add up to create substantial change and value for your customer!

Perspective Gained From InstallNET

During the past few years doing our work with the team at InstallNET, remarkable progress has been achieved.

The consistent theme regarding moving forward has always been simplicity and “Eliminating the Friction”. This approach is applied in all efforts undertaken.

What may seem inconsequential at first —

  • eliminating work,
  • eliminating paper for digital content management,
  • improving internal collaboration with the adoption of Slack, resulting in reduced email use,
  • improving technology skillsets to enable better data management and analysis, etc.

— have simplified processes, which have substantially improved over time.

Contemplate The Observations from this Popular Graphic

So, What IS Disrupting These Businesses?

Highlights from the article above, consider:

“Netflix killed Blockbuster. “Technology that delivered a fatal combination of convenience and price killed Blockbuster… it had nothing to do with anyone “being NON-customer centric.””

“Uber is killing the taxi business (and the rental car industry). “Uber and Lyft are succeeding because they’re always more convenient and (except during surge pricing periods) always cheaper than taxis or rental cars.””

Apple did not kill the music industry. “Apple (along with Napster, Sirius, Pandora, and others) killed the retail music CD business because their delivery of music is more convenient and much cheaper than the old retail model.”

It continues for the others…

Convenience AND lower prices is what’s killing present day businesses…

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