GaryVee 2017 Copenhagen KeyNote — A Few Of My Fav Observations

Insights From A Digital Visionary

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“I’m Trying to Change Your Mental Strategy” (03:21)

Start with the End — The Mental Strategy Has to Change

“The Remote Control Of Our Lives” (1:10)

“It’s completely irrelevant what you think. It’s what’s happening.”

Clip — The Remote Control of our Lives

“You Are A Media Company First” (02:52)

“More content is created in 24 hours today, than was created in decades, 50 years ago”

Clip — You Are a Media Company First

B2B? Discussion of LinkedIn and Facebook Advertising Tactics (03:49)

Clip — LinkedIn and Facebook Tactics

Voice and Saving Time (06:10)

“Time is the fourth pillar of the things that drive us.”

Clip — Voice and Saving Time

“..We Accept the World As It Is As Reality, Without Anticpating…” (01:05)

Clip — We Accept As Is As Reality, without Anticipating…

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