Tips on Cleaning Up Folders & Files

We All Need to Do It (But, Generally Don’t)

Don Tomoff
2 min readFeb 15, 2021


FileDateCorrector — Must Have Utility for Cleaning Files

The Problem

When was the last time you cleaned up your PC or network drive of folders and files on your computer? Probably never, if you are like most professionals I know.

Why? It’s not easy.

Let’s change that!

Solving the Problem

I’m coordinating a data cleanup project with a client and the effort involves cleaning up a network directory that includes 700+ folders and approximately 14,000 files. 😫

Think about how you would tackle this task and you quickly realize two things.

✔ No one does because it’s not simple to do and rarely becomes a priority. (Think of your folders accumulating years of content…).

✔ Without certain tools to facilitate this, it will NEVER become a priority.

So, I have two tools which are essential for this task — I highly recommend adding these to you toolkit (links in comments):

1️⃣ File Renamer — this tool allows batch renaming of files based on rules you develop. Insanely handy.

See item #7 on this linked article.

I settled on this one because it was the least overwhelming to manage and works extremely well.

2️⃣ FileDateCorrector — as files are moved around, Windows will change the “Created” and “Modified” dates to the current date. Not sure why, but it does! This utility restores your file dates to the original dates.

If you have the right tools, seemingly impossible, time consuming, tasks suddenly become manageable!

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